60 brands

SODILOG provides financing, logistics, and ADV for 60 active brands in full development. The SODILOG service is constantly improved and modernized to meet the needs of different brands in changing markets.

New partners ... in the area of ​​new technologies

New types of customers discover in the SODILOG service, the solution to their development needs: Brands like SHAPEHEART, Lunii, or LOVEBOX, players on the market of new technologies, now rely on SODILOG to finance their flows, manage their logistics, and all of the ADV. More than ever, the promise SODILOG makes sense: "" Sell your product, we take care of the rest "" SODILOG extends the number of its partners and covers many types of market: from textiles to technological products, including footwear, accessories, linens, etc.


SODILOG launches ASFVLT website. This website is managed and updated by SODILOG.

2nd generation

The next generation joins the company: Jacques MASSON and François PINEAU bring an international dimension to SODILOG after different courses in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands.

Creating order entry tools for salespeople

SODILOG develops and makes available to customers ordering tablets.The tablets allow agents to present the collections in the store, to enter orders and send them directly to the SODILOG ERP system. In addition, SODILOG is now present on the marketplace of AMAZON, CDISCOUNT and GO SPORT on behalf of its customers.


SODILOG is recognized by the Custom Administration as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The AEO certification is a Quality and Reliability recognition which enables SODILOG to custom clear goods in-house in its name. This simplified process constitutes a competitive edge and helps to export products (e.g. to USA).


SODILOG launches dedicated extranet Sharepoints for her clients. Each SharePoint provides access to various data and statistics for orders, inventories, clients payments. Data is updated daily and enables SODILOG clients to monitor their activity and make business decisions.

Digitalisation of the offer: Creation of the first online sales site

SODILOG launches ASH website. This website is managed and updated by SODILOG. First consumer orders are validated on the first day the website is available in November 2013 :


SODILOG focuses on back office services for brands or licensees already established in the fashion market or about to be. Main products are shoes and accessories. The back office services includes: financing and products insurance, orders set up, letter of credit opening, suppliers payments, import and custom clearance, order preparation and delivery, invoicing and debt collection.


CARREFOUR (still SODILOG main client) starts his integration plan : most of his logistics activities for textile products will be managed in his automated warehouse located in VERT SAINT DENIS (Paris area).

The extension

To provide the means to meet the growing demand, SODILOG doubles its storage area by adding the premises of the former CENTRA plant in Colmar. SODILOG now has a total storage area of ​​40,000 m2 in the industrial area of ​​Colmar.

The choice of its location

SODILOG acquires the former CORA supermarket in Colmar and installs its offices there as well as its storage area.

Storage areas

The supermarket joints business requires large storage areas. SODILOG operates with 10 different warehouses in the Colmar area for a total surface of 60 000 square meters.


The supermarket joints business peaks up. Besides those sales SODILOG also Ttakes care of basic logistics and order preparation services for new clients: SFI, DIPLODOCUS, HOLIPROM whose aim is to import and distribute products on a given territory


CARREFOUR (SODILOG main client) faces a large external growth: they buy direct competitors such as EUROMARCHE, SODIN, MONTLAUR and several MAMMOUTH stores. This growth benefits to SODILOG total sales. It also brings business opportunities with AUCHAN, LECLERC, CORA, CASINO and SYSTEME U who also request SODILOG for services. New business needs leads SODILOG to diversify her service offer: the company is now a large service provider of the main supermarket joints. The products portfolio includes textile/garments, shoes, underwear and linen.


Since 1986, SODILOG has never stopped to adjust and improve her service offer based on her clients business requirements.


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